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Xalapa, Due to its geographical location, is a meeting place of the Southern Gulf Coastal Plain and the southern Sierra Madre Oriental, has a particularly humid temperate climate; you do not know when, or how, or even what part of the city, but in Xalapa always rains.

Its name comes from the Nahuatl word Xallapan, which means spring in the sand. Xalapa grew and continues to grow around the Cerro de Macuiltépetl (sacred hill), through which, thanks to soil characteristics, sprouted a lot of clear water springs. Today these springs are worn out or buried under tons of gray cement, but the water is still running, the ground continues to permeate, people with traditions and legends remains.

The urban landscape is transformed daily and a feature prevails in Xalapa continues to feel the smell of wet earth that reminds us of our origins, that smell that does not allow collective memory become lost or forgotten.

Our lodge bears his name, which refers to the notes broken soul, to the concerns of the spirit, to the delusions of various kinds who want to get to no one in particular, but all at the same time.

In a place in the vastness, that seeks to be this spring in the sand, the hidden spring screaming loudly that Freemasonry is alive, that thread of water trickling and seeps, that crack tiny memory Sea i forget.

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